Roger Ailes: It's Truly Pathetic That I Gave Chris Matthews His Start On Television

As NewsBusters previously reported, MSNBC's Chris Matthews said Thursday, "It’s so pathetic that Roger Ailes has put Sarah Palin on television."

According to TVNewser, Ailes struck back Friday:

This morning, Ailes quips, “People tell me all the time it was truly pathetic that I was the one who gave Chris Matthews his start on television.”

Ailes gave Matthews his first show “Politics with Chris Matthews” in 1994 on the old America’s Talking network.


For those that missed it, here's what Matthews said on "Hardball" Thursday:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: This is so pathetic watching her on television. It’s so pathetic that Roger Ailes has put her on television, sitting up in some box, some loony bin up in Alaska, sitting there answering these questions she doesn’t know anything about. Did you hear what she just said, John? She said he should continue to attack the Republican plan. What’s she up to here? Is she just not thinking or capable of thinking? What is going on here?

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