Roger Ebert and Joan Walsh Jump on David Gregory's Gingrich is Racist Bandwagon

NBC's David Gregory started a Newt Gingrich is racist trend Sunday that liberal media members across the fruited plain quickly embraced.

After the "Meet the Press" host accused the former House Speaker of racism for having the nerve to call Barack Obama "The most successful food stamp president in American history," Salon's Joan Walsh out in San Francisco jumped on the bandwagon as did Chicago film critic Roger Ebert:

Newt Gingrich doubled down on his clever new slur against President Obama as "the food stamp president." He tried the line in a Friday speech to the Georgia Republican convention, and he used it again on "Meet the Press Sunday." It's a short hop from Gingrich's slur to Ronald Reagan's attacks on "strapping young bucks" buying "T-bone steaks" with food stamps. Blaming our first black president for the sharp rise in food-stamp reliance (which resulted from the economic crash that happened on the watch of our most recent white president) is just the latest version of Rush Limbaugh suggesting that Obama's social policy amounts to "reparations" for black people.

But when host David Gregory suggested the term had racial overtones, Gingrich replied "That's bizarre," and added, "I have never said anything about President Obama which is racist." That's not quite as extreme or silly as Donald Trump declaring "I am the least racist person there is," but it's up there.

Ebert was easily duped by the stupidity on display and promptly tweeted his approval to his excessively impressionable followers:

It's of course not surprising that these brainiacs don't know there are more white people receiving food stamps than black people.

But hey - the Obama-loving media are on a roll accusing anyone that criticizes the current White House resident of racism, so why should they let anything like facts get in the way of their smear tactics?

They've never let that stop them before.

(H/T Dana Loesch and Tammy Bruce)

*****Update: More from our friend Dana Loesch.

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