UN Scrubs Errant 50 Million Global Warming Refugees Prediction From Website

April 16th, 2011 1:58 PM

As NewsBusters reported Tuesday, the United Nations in 2005 wrongly predicted there would be 50 million environmental refugees by the end of the previous decade as a result of global warming.

Aaron Worthing noticed Friday that the 'handy map" the U.N. had created to identify places most at risk for such population migrations has been removed:

You might remember the other day I pointed out how the UN predicted 50 million climate refugees by 2010, a prediction that came up laughably short of the mark by only around 50 million.  Well, if you go to that post and click on the link to the UN page making that claim… something funny happens.  You get this:

Isn't that nice?

Worthing has cached screenshots of that page's content for those interested.

The man that first reported the irony of this U.N. prediction, Asian Correspondent's Gavin Atkins, noted Saturday:

In 2007, UN Under-Secretary General and Head of the UNEP, Aachim Steiner told a conference in Africa:

So I have initiated a number of reforms that will begin in the next few weeks.

Some however have already begun in terms of looking at how we can improve the transparency and accountability of this institution

He also received the Steiger Award for straight-forwardness, honesty, fairness and helpfulness.

Is the deletion of this map without adequate explanation an example of Mr Steiner’s transparency and accountability?


Is this what we can expect from the U.N. in the future - when one of its predictions of doom and gloom don't pan out, the evidence will get scrubbed?

That's quite a level of integrity at the organization largely responsible for all the world's panic over carbon dioxide emissions.

This should make folks even more skeptical of anything coming from this outfit.