Headline: "Coulter 'Insanely Jealous' of Sarah Palin"

In a classic example of bias by headline, CNN.com on Friday cherry-picked a compliment Ann Coulter gave Sarah Palin the previous evening in order to demean the conservative author.

The following still appears at the front page of the cable network's website:

Inside, the truth is revealed:

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter has made some enemies in her years as a right-wing firebrand, but she's still jealous of Sarah Palin's ability to agitate the left.

"I especially love her for her enemies, I'm insanely jealous of that," Coulter said last night on MSNBC. "I love her for how she makes liberal heads explode."

Here's the relevant segment from MSNBC's "The Last Word":

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, HOST: Sarah Palin we agree cannot win the nomination.

ANN COULTER: No. I love her. I think she could win the nomination. I especially love her for her enemies. I'm insanely jealous of that. I love her for how she makes liberal heads explode.

I wrote "The Conservative of The Year" piece on Sarah Palin for "Human Event," Ronald Reagan's favorite newspaper. But I think it would be a step down for her to run for president. It's like saying Rush Limbaugh should run for president.

She's huge. She has enormous power. She sends out a Twitter on death panels and everyone's talking about it. I think it would be crazy for her to run for president.

O`DONNELL: So you think, for example, that's more power than actually being able to negotiate treaties and pass health care reform bills or repeal them, for example, if she was president, that that -- maybe she's got more power on the Discovery Channel or wherever she is?

COULTER: So can Chris Christie. On the Discovery Channel? She sends out a Twitter and everybody's talking about it.

Somewhat different than the CNN.com headline implied, wouldn't you agree?

On the other hand, it is effective.

Made me click on it.

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