Ann Coulter Tells Lawrence O'Donnell: 'Sean Hannity Knows More Than You - You're a Democrat'

Conservative author Ann Coulter returned to MSNBC Thursday to spar with admittedly socialist commentator Lawrence O'Donnell.

At the end of a highly-entertaining segment dealing with Coulter's previously expressed support for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Ann marvelously told her host after he besmirched Fox News's Sean Hannity, "He knows more than you - you’re a Democrat" (video follows with transcript and absolutely no need for additional commentary):

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, HOST: You’ve said that you agreed that [New Jersey Governor Chris] Christie is soft on a few things. Now, you agree with [Sean] Hannity on that, and I guess you’re going to work on him on that.


O’DONNELL: But you also made the point that Ronald Reagan was soft on a few things, too.

COULTER: Yeah, he was.

O’DONNELL: What was Reagan soft on other than raising taxes which he did a couple of times?

COULTER: I’m not telling you. I’m not going to attack the blessed memory of Ronald Reagan. You know, I mean, when he was Governor, the one, his biggest regret of his life was that he signed an abortion law. Now, this was before Roe v. Wade, so give him a break. It wasn't a big issue. And he said that was the biggest mistake he ever made.

O’DONNELL: He also raised taxes, which is something I don’t think Hannity knows.

COULTER: Overall.

O’DONNELL: Does Hannity know that Reagan raised taxes?

COULTER: Hannity knows all.

O’DONNELL: Oh, okay.

COULTER: He knows more than you - you’re a Democrat.

*****Update: Some readers have wondered if Coulter said "Dumb-o-crat." She has assured me that was not the case.

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