Mark Levin Rips Bill Maher for Saying Founding Fathers Would Have Hated Tea Partiers

Bill Maher on Friday made the indefensible claim that the Founding Fathers if they were alive today would hate members of the Tea Party.

On Monday, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin responded to the "stupid, little, white, comedian guy" (partial transcript and commentary follows, audio available here courtesy Right Scoop):


BILL MAHER, HOST HBO'S "REAL TIME": Now, I want you teabaggers out there to understand one thing: while you idolize the Founding Fathers and dress up like them, and smell like them, I think it’s pretty clear that the Founding Fathers would have hated your guts. And what’s more, you would’ve hated them. They were everything you despise. They studied science, read Plato, hung out in Paris, and thought the Bible was mostly bulls--t.


MARK LEVIN: Well, there we have another dumb, short, white guy. “Hung out in Paris.” Well, they hung out in Paris, some of them did. Most of them were farmers and merchants who hung out in the colonies. He’s talking about Jefferson and Franklin and so forth. But what does that have to do with anything?

“They read Plato.” Well, actually, they read Plato, but they also read John Locke. How about you, short, stupid, white guy? They read John Locke. They were also influenced by a contemporary, Edmund Burke. They were influenced by the Scottish Enlightenment, that would be Adam Smith among others. What exactly is it about Plato that you like short, stupid, white, comedian Bill Maher? You like “The Republic?” I bet you do. Do you know what’s in “The Republic” short, stupid, white, comedian guy? I don’t think you do. I don’t think you’ve ever read it. I don’t think you’ve ever studied it. All kinds of stuff in “The Republic.” And what did the Founders learn from it? To reject it, because “The Republic” wasn’t a republic at all. It was an incredibly sick society. But why should I go on and on and explain it to you stupid, little, white, comedian guy?

Yes, they studied science, but they didn’t worship science. If you read the Declaration if Independence stupid, little, white, comedian guy, you would know that they talk about the divine, and they talk about providence, they talk about the Creator several times. Fact, that’s where they say “unalienable rights” come from, not from some mad scientist in a dark laboratory, but from God. You don’t believe in God, I believe stupid, short, comedian, white guy. And most of them did believe in the Bible. In fact, all of them. Not a single one of them was an atheist. A few were deists, Franklin and Jefferson, but do you know what a deist is stupid, white, little, comedian dope? I don’t think you do.

No, I don't think he does either, as NewsBusters has demonstrated over the years how clearly uninformed Maher is on a variety of subjects. Here are some of our favorite examples:

As you can see, Maher is quite used to putting his foot in his mouth only to get corrected by a more knowledgeable individual.

The folks at HBO must be so proud.

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