Al Qaeda Unhappy About Helen Thomas's Firing

America's mortal enemy was apparently displeased with the recent firing of White House correspondent Helen Thomas.

The following question was actually published in al Qaeda's new English language online propaganda magazine Inspire (h/t Weekly Standard via Hot Air):

If a long time journalist and reporter like Helen Thomas was thrown out for truthful words on the Israeli occupation, doesn’t that hint to everyone who’s really in control of America?

To give you an idea of the extremism in this magazine, take a look at another question further down the list:

Nice. The same publication praising Thomas advocates America's destruction. As Robert Lindsay reported on October 13, this magazine is practically a terrorist handbook.

Jim Hoft has more on this issue here. Those interested can also download the entire issue courtesy Lindsay, but be advised it could take ten minutes to do so.

That all said, one was to wonder what Thomas must think about being praised by America's mortal enemy.

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