Libtalker Mike Malloy Tells Liz Cheney 'Go Plan Your Father's Funeral'

As the Media Research Center reported last month, there are some truly sick, hate-mongering liberal radio hosts in America today, and one of the most disgusting is Mike Malloy.

On Friday, this vile miscreant with a microphone said on the air that Liz Cheney should be planning her father's funeral rather than offering her opinions to the American people.

This comes three months after Malloy told his listeners that he hoped former Vice President Dick Cheney would die in the hospital. 

On this day, the subject was Liz's comment concerning a Barack Obama quote about America being able to absorb a terrorist attack referenced in Bob Woodward's new book (video follows with partial transcript and commentary, h/t Right Scoop):

MIKE MALLOY: Back to Cheney, whose father is directly responsible for every single death in Iraq since the invasion and occupation that he championed in 2003. He's responsible, and that's not just Americans and the wounding of Americans, but the deaths and wounding of, of countless hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. He is responsible for the deaths in Afghanistan, Cheney is. He is responsible for the deaths in New York City, at the Pentagon, and the plane crash in Pennsylvania. Dick Cheney is one of the bloodiest sons of bitches ever to have held power and office in this government in terms of deaths that were a direct result of his incompetence and his lies. Dick Cheney.

Malloy then read Liz's response to Obama's "we can absorb a terrorist attack" remark:

"Americans expect our President to do everything possible to defend the nation from attack. We expect him to use every tool at his disposal to find, defeat, capture and kill terrorists. We expect him to deter attacks by making clear to our adversaries that an attack on the United States will carry devastating consequences. Instead, President Obama is reported to have said, ‘We can absorb a terrorist attack.' This comment suggests an alarming fatalism on the part of President Obama and his administration. Once again the President seems either unwilling or unable to do what it takes to keep this nation safe. The President owes the American people an explanation."

Malloy then went after Liz:

MALLOY: Her father and her father's puppet George at the very least allowed, at the very worst engineered the worst attack on this country since the War of 1812, and she has the audacity to make this kind of a statement. "Americans expect our President to do everything possible to defend the nation from attack." Where was your father after he deliberately authorized a stand-down, on a day and a time when he knew there was going to be an effort made to attack this country? I don't know why I give this psychopathic misdirected woman, you ought to be there planning your father's funeral, Liz, because I'm sure all the nation's bigwigs, especially the Republicans are going to fall all over themselves to worship in front of his coffin. That's what you ought to be doing instead of making your filthy, insane, gratuitous statements about what the American people expects their president or an administration to do to protect us from terrorist attack. Shame on you, Liz Cheney. Go plan your father's funeral. Just do that. Do at least one thing in your useless life that will have some meaning. Go plan his funeral.

What the hell is happening to this nation?

How did we come to a point that someone actually gets paid to make such vile statements over the airwaves?

Regardless of the answers, I'm speechless and need desperately to go take a shower hoping with all my heart I can scrub this filth from my memory.

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