Jon Stewart Rips Fox's GOP Contribution, Ignores Viacom's Dem Donations

Comedian Jon Stewart on Wednesday bashed Fox News for parent company News Corporation's $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association.

Unfortunately, Stewart failed to inform his viewers that Viacom, the parent company of Comedy Central, has so far given disproportionately to Democrats this year.

Also missing in the "Daily Show" host's attack of FNC and Glenn Beck was that News Corp. prior to this contribution had historically given more to Democrats than Republicans.

Such facts were unimportant Wednesday evening, for Stewart was on another in a long line of Fox News is the devil incarnate rants (video follows with commentary):

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News Corp. Gives Money to Republicans
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JON STEWART: I really think if anything the Republicans should be paying Fox News millions and millions of dollars. 

If Stewart is indeed concerned with "following the money," maybe he should look at the contributions by his own company.

After all, according to Open Secrets, Viacom's Political Action Committee has so far this year contributed 62 percent of its money to Democrats and only 38 percent to Republicans (h/t Lachlan Markay):

In 2008, this ratio was 58 percent Democrats, 42 percent Republicans:

Beyond this, as NewsBusters reported hours before Stewart made his comments, prior to this $1 million donation, News Corp. had actually given 54 percent of its donations to Democrats and 46 percent to Republicans.

The "Daily Show" host didn't mention this inconvenient truth Wednesday evening.

More importantly, since for his part Stewart has historically bashed Republicans and Fox News far more than he's attacked liberal politicians and their shills at MSNBC, maybe the Democrats should be paying Comedy Central millions and million of dollars. 

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