President Obama To Appear On 'The View' Thursday

Barack Obama will make history this week when he becomes the first sitting president to appear on ABC's daytime ladies talk show "The View."

I guess when you're likely the most liberal Commander in Chief the nation has ever seen with poll numbers plummeting faster than a coin tossed off the Empire State Building there isn't a better place to have your ego massaged than on a couch surrounded by gushing females tossing softballs at you as the cameras roll.

Most interestingly, the announcement published at referred to the President's sagging approval ratings giving one the impression that even the show's producers know why he's coming to chat with the girls (h/t NBer SickofLibs):

The president will take the hot seat among the show's five female hosts, who represent a range of backgrounds and political views, at a time when his administration grapples with challenges from the economy to the BP oil spill.

Obama's approval ratings have hit new lows, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. Nearly six in 10 Americans say they lack confidence in the president to make the right decisions for the country, and a majority doubt his handling of the economy. 

Interesting way to preview a guest's appearance, wouldn't you say?

Makes you wonder if the ladies will be loaded for bear when this is taped on Wednesday...or maybe not. 

After all, the last time Obama was on back in March 2008 when he was just a candidate, host Barbara Walters said he was very sexy:

The day after he was elected President, the ladies were still slobbering as NewsBusters reported at the time. 

With this in mind, given his poll numbers and the mood of the nation, will Thursday be another slobberfest?

Stay tuned. 

Matthew Balan assisted with the research for this piece. 

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