ABC News Prominently Features 'Gay-Friendly' McDonald's Ad Airing In France

Is ABC News trying to position itself as the go to place for gay rights advocacy amongst the broadcast network websites?

Ten days after featuring a video of a gay prom king and queen, the website prominently displayed a gay-themed McDonald's ad.

The video first appeared Monday with the title "McDonald's Ad You Won't See in the U.S: A fast-food commercial with a gay-friendly story is only airing in France." 

The website followed this up Tuesday with a piece headlined "Gay Group: Don't Trust McDonald's Commercial" (video follows with quotes from article and commentary):

A gay business advocacy group is charging McDonald's with hypocrisy after the global fast food giant aired a gay-themed commercial in France. 

"They were looking to portray themselves as an advocate of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community or an ally ... when it was completely counter to what their actions here in the U.S. were," said Justin Nelson, the president and co-founder of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. "It's completely hypocritical." [...] 

Contrary to some online reports, Nelson said the NGLCC isn't offended that the commercial won't be broadcast on U.S. airwaves -- it's frustrated that it was broadcast at all, given McDonald's recent history with the NGLCC. 

For McDonald's to "continue to distance themselves (from the gay community) here in the states and run an ad like that in another country -- it just seemed to be a double standard or double speak," he said. [...]

This, combined with the French commercial, led the chamber to send an angry letter, dated June 3, to McDonald's vice chairman and CEO James Skinner.

The letter dismissed the ad as "blatant geographic pandering" and called on McDonald's to "show suppport for LGBT people, our families and our businesses -- not just where it is politcally expedient, but around the globe." 

What is telling us with all this gay rights activism? 
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