F-bombs and Women Kissing at the MTV Movie Awards

June 7th, 2010 12:30 PM

As I walked into the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios Sunday evening, I had no idea the level of vulgarity I was in store for.

Attending my first MTV Movie Awards, I was immediately stunned by the number of F-words in the opening video clip of Tom Cruise recreating his movie executive roll in the film "Tropic Thunder."

Little did I know that the evening would be filled with F-bombs from a number of Hollywoodans, so much so that the man that accepted the award for best movie at the end of the festivities (Peter Facinelli of the "Twilight" series) commented, "I just want to say I've never heard the word 'f--k' used so many times in one evening."

At that moment, I thought Facinelli was going to comment about just how absurd all the vulgarity was. Instead, he went on an F-bomb-laden speech of his own (video available here, others follow, extreme vulgarity warning):

This was Cruise's video that opened the show:

To really shock the crowd, Sandra Bullock decided to kiss Scarlett Johansson at the end of her acceptance speech for the Generation award:

Potentially most revolting were comments made by presenter Aubrey Plaza who for some reason chose to tell the audience, "Megan Fox, I have always wanted to f--k you. And when you threw up on Amanda Seyfried in 'Jennifer's Body,' it made me want to f--k you more. Wherever you are tonight, I'm going to find you, and f--k you." 

Amazing. Is that considered fitting at an awards ceremony now?

As the evening drew to a close, and folks began leaving the hall to go to after-parties, I had a chat with one of the cameramen who said that this was by far the worst thing he's ever filmed for MTV.

He told me how saddened he was as a parent that this kind of stuff is now allowed on television albeit cable.

I couldn't agree more.