Swastikas and Nazi References at Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally, Will Media Care?

For over a year, America's media have been depicting Tea Partiers as homophobic racists citing inflammatory signs at rally events as evidence.

On Saturday, pro-illegal immigration supporters in Phoenix, Arizona, carried signs quite similar to what our press found repulsive and extreme when present at conservative protests.

Will swastikas and the Arizona governor being referred to as "Adolf Brewer" be equally unacceptable to America's media?

Before you answer, consider the following news segment from NBC12 in Phoenix wherein an anti-SB 1070 protester was interviewed holding a sign emblazoned with swastikas claiming "Republicans Breed Ignorance," and the reporter didn't even bat an eye (video follows with commentary and additional pictures):

As HotAirPundit reported Sunday, these were some other signs at the event:


Here's one depicting Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a Klansman: 


And another one calling Arizona a Nazi state:

Will media be as offended by these signs as they were when such things showed up at Tea Party rallies?

Stay tuned. 

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