Chris Matthews: 'Will Obama Eventually Get Blamed for Slow Action on Oil Spill?'

Chris Matthews ended this weekend's syndicated program bearing his name by asking a very strange question: Will President Obama eventually get blamed personally for slow action on the oil spill?

The word "eventually" seems almost a Freudian slip inasmuch as it not only suggested the current White House resident ISN'T shouldering any of the responsibility for this horrific disaster yet, but also that Matthews is somewhat surprised by that.

Stranger still were the responses from Matthews' panelists -- Howard Fineman and Jonathan Alter both of Newsweek, and Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post -- who felt Obama would eventually be blamed.

Less surprising was MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell saying he wouldn't -- how could she return to that network daring to blame Obama for anything! -- and Matthews who oddly declined to answer his own question (video and transcript follow with commentary):  

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Welcome back. This week's big question: Will President Obama eventually get blamed personally for slow action on the oil spill? Norah.

NORAH O'DONNELL, MSNBC: Personally, no.


HOWARD FINEMAN, NEWSWEEK: Sure. He's the big guy.

KATHLEEN PARKER, WASHINGTON POST: I don't think it'll be personal, but I think he'll be blamed.

MATTHEWS: Not BP, him. He'll get the hit.

PARKER: Well, yeah, because we didn't respond very fast. You know, not quickly enough. And all these dead animals are floating...

MATTHEWS: Who'll be the ultimate blame guy: him or BP?

JONATHAN ALTER, NEWSWEEK: It's on his, it's on his watch, and they'll both share blame.

So, the final tally was three Yeas, one Nay, and one abstention.

Considering the players, that seems rather astounding. 

As for Matthews and O'Donnell, well, they do work for MSNBC, don't they? 

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