SNL Mocks Obama, Healthcare Reform and Census With a Little Anti-Semitism

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" last evening mocked President Obama, healthcare reform, and the census while strangely adding what some could find a tad anti-Semitic.

Trying to explain why the census isn't "some Socialist plot to spy on the American people," Fred Armisen in what's becoming his signature role walked through the questions being asked of citizens this April.

Following some largely sophomoric and somewhat tasteless sexually oriented items, Armisen moved on to the topic of healthcare.

After that, he asked a question about Jews destined to raise a few eyebrows (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

FRED ARMISEN AS BARACK OBAMA: Question number six: Have any individuals residing in this household on April 1, 2010 criticized President Obama's healthcare reform plan? And what are their names? Now, what's this question about? Obviously, should the healthcare reform recently passed by Congress eventually involve rationing medical, and it might, no one really knows, we need to make sure medical care doesn't go to anyone who opposed the plan.

Interesting mock of ObamaCare wouldn't you agree? But it got better: 

A related question: If some member of this household had to die, so that others might live, who should that be?

Was this a subtle jab at Sarah Palin's death panel comment? Probably.

But here's the real surprise: 

Question seven: Do you feel that Jews have too much influence on Wall Street and the media? Again all answers are confidential.

Honestly, what kind of question was that? Wouldn't a lot of people find that anti-Semitic, or is my sense of humor lacking at the moment? 

*****Update: NBer Gat New York thinks this actually was a slap at Obama's anti-Semitism --

I think Armisen's Obama impression portrayed what Obama truly feels about Jews and about Israel and was not intended to be Armisen or SNL itself being anti-Semitic.

Is he right? Was this a slam at Obama and not Jews? 

*****Update: Ed Driscoll says, "I think I know how President Obama's former spiritual advisor would answer that one."


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