Olbermann To O'Reilly: Stop 'Stroking Yourself In Front of the Public'

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on Monday told Fox News's Bill O'Reilly to stop "stroking" himself in front of the American public.

I'm not sure what it is about MSNBC hosts, but the man that has been fixated on the term "teabaggers" for some reason felt it was appropriate to use a masturbation reference during a primetime, national television broadcast.

Not surprisingly, the "Countdown" host during Monday's "Worst Person in the World" segment set his vulgar sights on his primary competitor for viewers in the 8PM time slot (video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t Story Balloon):

But our winner, Bill-O the clown. About 60 networks carried the Haitian Earthquake telethon Thursday night. CNN did, we did. CNBC didn`t. CNN Headline didn`t. Fixed News didn`t. At least, most of them did not, in lieu of the telethon, instead run a pathetic program whose lead story was about how great the program was and how great its coverage of Haiti had been.

Bill-O did. "Fox News had almost six times as many viewers as MSNBC primetime, five times the audience of CNN. That`s not a victory. Now, most of the liberal media ignore that story, and will not tell you how dominant Fox News has become. That`s why many newspapers are failing. They simply don`t tell you the truth. But writing in "The Miami Herald," TV critic Glenn Garvin did tell the truth."

He then proceeded to read a quote from Glenn Garvin, for years the hands down winner in any poll of newspaper TV writers or of TV people as the TV critic the most in Fox`s pocket, the farthest down the lunatic fringe rabbit hole. Here we read Glenn Garvin in hopes of seeing something shrill and reactionary to reaffirm that we`re on the money.

Instead of two hours to help Haiti, Fox gives us Bill-O. Instead of here is the phone number to help Haiti, Bill-O gives himself == patting himself on the back and this comic relief Garvin smooching his hiney. Then the coup de grace, "to be fair, CNN has covered the Haiti story very well. There`s no question about it. And I applaud the CNN correspondents who have done such a good job. But our Fox News correspondents are just as good."

Then why don`t you put them on, instead of stroking yourself in front of the American public? Just once. Just an hour off from your desperate attempt to bring validation and meaning into your purposeless little life, by reading out the ratings again. Bill, this is a new emotion for me. I don`t know how else to say this: I am now embarrassed for you. Bill "I Have Big Ratings; That Makes My Whole Life Worthwhile" O`Reilly, today`s worst person in the world.

Honestly, why is this cable news network so fascinated with penis jokes?

General Electric and NBC must be so proud.

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