Joy Behar: Prejean's Sex Tapes Out 'Just In Time For The Holidays'

November 17th, 2009 9:30 AM

Comedienne Joy Behar on HLN Monday jokingly accused former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean of releasing seven additional sex tapes "just in time for the holidays."

Surprisingly able to do simple arithmetic, Behar quipped, "Maybe she made one for each night of Hanukkah."

This nicely set up guests Perez Hilton, Heidi Montag, and Spencer Pratt to join in the Prejean bashing.

Particularly vile and hateful was Hilton who called Prejean "a hypocrite and a liar" and claimed she "makes Heidi Montag look like a genius" (video embedded below the fold with transcript, h/t Story Balloon):


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Obviously everybody wants to know about this sex tape that surfaced last week. There is one, correct?

CARRIE PREJEAN: You can call it whatever you want to call it. If you want to call it a sex tape, that`s fine. But --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well what do you call it?

PREJEAN: It was me by myself. There was no one else with me. I was not having sex. I sent it to my boyfriend at the time. I was a teenager. I cared about him. I trusted him. I was by myself. I sent it to a boyfriend. It was for, you know, private use, but did that justify what I did? No. It was the biggest mistake of my life.


JOY BEHAR, HOST: She makes them by herself. She`s such a little camera hog. That`s the ex-beauty queen turned drama queen on "The Today Show" admitting to making a sex tape. Since then, news of seven more tapes has surfaced, just in time for the holidays. Maybe she made one for each night of Hanukkah, who knows, who knows. Joining me to discuss this and other things are Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, authors of "How to be Famous" and Perez Hilton, blogger and author of "Perez Hilton`s True Bloggywood Stories." Hi everybody. OK Heidi and Spencer, now you wrote a book on being famous.


BEHAR: As did Perez. But all of you then, are she doing it right?

PRATT: Well let me start here. I`m very impressed if she hits it off the bat with seven tapes. I`ve heard to come out with one sex tape but to come out with seven, that`s setting a bar I have to live up to.

BEHAR: What do you think, Perez?

PEREZ HILTON, AUTHOR: I think Carrie Prejean is a hypocrite and a liar and I love her. I love her.

BEHAR: Why do you love her?

HILTON: Because she`s so stupid, but she doesn`t know how stupid she is. You know, goes back to what I first said. She`s a dumb beep.

BEHAR: Let`s take a look at the moment that made Carrie Prejean a household name.


PREJEAN: Well I think its great Americans are able to choose one or another. We live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage, and you know what? In my country and in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anybody out there, but that`s how I was raised and that`s how I think that it should be between a man and a woman.


BEHAR: OK. You know, Perez, you`re the reason she`s so famous. Now that she has this sex tape, do you feel vindicated?

HILTON: I feel like this last two weeks have been wonderful, and, you know, Carrie Prejean makes Heidi Montag look like a genius.

PRATT: She is a genius.

BEHAR: Be nice to Heidi. Be nice to Heidi. You know, listen, Perez, one thing I have to say to you, she did answer the question honestly. She believes marriage is between a man and a woman. I don`t happen to go along with that. I think its people who are in love want to get married they should get married. Let them get married. But that`s what she believes. So shouldn`t she get some credit for that?

HILTON: Absolutely. She gave the politically incorrect answer in her words. Even watching her interviews recently, she`s like, I didn`t want to be politically correct, but I flip that back to her and say, do you want a politically insensitive miss USA? No. You have to know what you`re running for.

BEHAR: Heidi, what do --?

PRATT: Before we get into this Joy, I really have a question for Perez. I love your outfit. Did you borrow that from your wifey Lady Gaga?

HILTON: No, I got this on my own at American Apparel. Shameless blood, I paid for it.

BEHAR: OK Heidi, your Christianity was on full display on "I`m a celebrity get me out of here." let`s take a look at that.


MONTAG: I just don`t know why there`s such mean people and Tory saying she`s this Christian and you know, born again and blah, blah, blah. But it`s like, Christians don`t do that. Now I`m just going to try to pray to forgive them and try to get some sort of -- to forgive them. I`m not going to be, like, best friends with them. I`m going to love them like Jesus tells me to love them.


BEHAR: Now Heidi, you have also posed topless.

HEIDI MONTAG, AUTHOR: I have posed topless.

BEHAR: Now you`re a good Christian girl. How do you reconcile those two things?

PRATT: There were no nipples. So technically posing topless has nipples.

MONTAG: No, no, no. I was halfway topless. But for me I feel like.

BEHAR: But will you make a sex tape? Would you make one? It makes you famous.

MONTAG: No, I don`t think I would make one. But let`s clarify, not only did she make a sex tape but she`s a solo artist in the sex tape. That`s unique, that`s new. A new type of pop culture. I`m very impressed with her antics because I don`t think its accident.

BEHAR: But Perez, why do you think she made a sex tape all by herself?

HILTON: Because she`s horny. You know, and also just to clarify something that you said earlier, Joy, or that was shown on the program, she claims she was underage, 17, but according to this ex-boyfriend that sold or leaked the video, she was definitely in her 20s and I have this big announcement. I have secretly been working on my own book, a new book, "True Bloggywood story where I talk about Carrie and I talk about will I am and the Dustin Lance Black, naked pictures and all the controversies I`ve been in this year. It`s juicy.

BEHAR: But politically speaking, why do you think Conservatives hate here? Prejean? Perez? She seems to get the Liberals -- why do Liberals hate her? I`m sorry. Did I say Conservatives? Oh my god, no. The liberals hate her. The Conservatives I think like her. Now with the sex tapes I think they`re turning. What do you think?

HILTON: I think what`s interesting is she was a blank canvass for a lot of Conservatives. They were projecting all of these ideas on to her and who she could be. But the more we find out about her, the more we learn she`s anything but that.

BEHAR: Uh-huh. Do you think she`s a hypocrite?


MONTAG: I mean, a little bit.

HILTON: A pretty one.

MONTAG: A very pretty one. A beauty queen one. None of us are perfect and I think that`s the thing about Christianity. Are we all making mistakes and none of us are perfect. It`s a crazy world we live in. But if we do it on purpose, which she very well could be like Perez is saying, maybe she made it last month; maybe she made it half a year ago after he got her fame off of Perez.

Honestly, where DOES all this hatred come from?