Post Address Comic Relief: Dennis Miller Goes After Obama and Van Jones

The good folks at Fox News must have known that many conservatives were going to need some comic relief after watching the President's healthcare address Wednesday.

As a result, they wisely stuck with the normal schedule, and invited comedian Dennis Miller to join Bill O'Reilly in a post-address chit chat.

When the topic moved to Glenn Beck and Van Jones, Miller did what he does best (video embedded below the fold with partial transcript, relevant section at 5:05):

He nailed that guy with videotape. It was, it was like Carl Betz on "Judd for the Defense," man. It was absolutely beautiful. And Van Jones said he was going to open up some green jobs. I gotta give the guy this, he opened up a big one this week.

The thing I'm wondering about is why Barack Obama has idiots like that around him in his (unintelligible)...Listen, Barack Obama has worse taste in men than Lana Turner. And Howard Dean coming out and saying, 'Well he's a best-selling author.' What does that mean? Why don't we put Jackie Suzanne in charge of the Cuban missile crisis? 

God's sakes, Van Jones. Van Jones, you know, as soon as they, Billie, it's a complete abdication of personal responsibility when somebody can show videotape of you in your own words, and you can say you've been smeared! That's how relativistic it's gotten.

Indeed, Dennis. But you can only get away with that if the media let's you.

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