Jon Stewart: Obama Handled Gates Racism Question 'Stupidly'

"I wasn't at the press conference last night, and I also don't have all the facts, but I think it's fair to say that Obama handled that question -- oh, what's the word I'm looking for -- stupidly?"

So quite surpisingly said Comedy Central's Jon Stewart on Thursday's "Daily Show" in reference to the President's statement at Wednesday's press conference that the police officers involved in Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates's arrest "acted stupidly."

I kid you not.

In a fabulous display of bipartisan comedy -- Stewart deliciously lambasted Republicans, Democrats, Fox News, CNN, Brian Williams, healthcare reform, and, yes, the President -- Stewart ended the segment criticizing Obama's answer to Lynn Sweet's question about what the Gates incident says about race relations in America (video embedded below the fold, relevant section at 6:12, vulgarity warning, h/t NBer balboa):

Great stuff.

Of course, it leads one to wonder: if an admittedly left-leaning comedian can see the folly in Obama's answer, why can't everybody in the media? 

That asked, readers are encouraged to watch the entire segment as Stewart marvelously lampooned -- well, just about everybody involved in the current healthcare debate.

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