Coal CEO Challenges NASA's Hansen to a Global Warming Debate

NASA's James Hansen is looking to stir up trouble at a coal mining facility in West Virginia, and the CEO of the company about to be marched on isn't taking it lying down.

Quite the contrary, Massey Energy's Don L. Blankenship, whose company is set to be protested by Hansen and actress Daryl Hannah this coming Tuesday, has challenged the NASA official to debate him about global warming and West Virginia's economy.

As reported by Sunday, Blankenship issued the following statement concerning the matter:

“While I don’t recall anyone inviting out of state environmental protestors from San Francisco and a Hollywood actress to Massey’s property on June 23rd, I’m more than willing to invite Dr. Hansen to have a factual discussion about coal mining in West Virginia, which provides thousands of jobs in the state and provides low-cost energy to millions of Americans.

“As Dr. Hansen and his out of state environmental supporters plan their demonstrations, I urge them not to put themselves, West Virginia miners or state troopers in harm’s way, as their environmental colleagues did recently at a protest at Massey Energy's Twilight Mine in Southern West Virginia.

“At this dangerous event, 14 protestors – mostly from states such as Maine, Michigan, Oklahoma and Florida – were arrested, diverting law enforcement from their primary duties of fighting crime and first response duties and costing the taxpayers of West Virginia. Four of the protestors scaled 200 feet up a piece of mining equipment as a publicity stunt, endangering themselves and law enforcement.

“I encourage Dr. Hansen to put safety first as we in the coal industry do.

“I look forward to hearing from Dr. Hansen, as I’m sure a productive dialogue – not publicity arrests – is what Dr. Hansen, a university professor who values an exchange of ideas, surely, must desire.”

As Hansen, Gore, and the other so-sure-of-themselves climate alarmists refuse to debate this issue, it seems a metaphysical certitude the NASA official won't accept Blankenship's invitation. 

If that ends up being the case, how utterly disgraceful would it be for a government employee to protest a company without talking to its CEO?

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