Debate Loser Romm: No More Morano Posts at Climate Progress

In today's That's the Funniest Thing I've Ever Heard moment, the loser of March 27's global warming debate, climate alarmist extraordinaire Joe Romm, has taken his defeat like a man: he's officially banned from his Climate Progress website any articles by the victor, Marc Morano.

Attaboy, Joe!

Not only that, Romm actually made the banning official in a CP posting Tuesday (I'm not kidding):

Swift boat smearer Marc Morano, former denier-in-chief (DIC) for Sen. James Inhofe (R-OIL), is emailing around his bio and his new website to whatever members of the media are aching to tarnish their professional reputations. [...]

Marc Morano is unquotable and uncitable. [...]

For a journalist, quoting or citing him as a source is the Swiftist way to smear your own reputation.  For anyone other than a rightwing anti-scientific blogger, even linking to his new site ClimateDepot to debunk him gives him the attention and credibility he does not deserve.

I will not be linking to his website nor will I allow any links to his website to appear on this blog.  It is conceivable that circumstances might arise where I refer to something Swift boat smearer Marc Morano has written, but I can’t imagine them right now.

If I didn't know who this guy was, and what he looked like, I'd swear he had to be in fifth grade behaving this way. But it gets better:

Yes, I did debate Swift Boat smearer Morano recently –  but I was filling in at the last minute as a favor.  As readers know, I believe such debates are pointless if not counterproductive, since we have known for 25 centuries that debates are not won on the facts but by who is a better debater, which is to say, who understands the principles of rhetoric (see “Why scientists aren’t more persuasive, Part 2: Why deniers out-debate “smart talkers” and “Voodoo Economists 4: The idiocy of crowds or, rather, the idiocy of (crowded) debates“).  In particular, it is very hard to win a debate against someone who just repeatedly makes stuff up.

Actually, that's not true at all, Joe. The easiest people to debate are the ones that make stuff up because it's quite simple to expose their fallacies.

The reality is that on March 27, Romm continually stated that Morano was making stuff up, but didn't explain to the audience what, and didn't back up his assertions with demonstrable facts. Instead, Romm continued to repeat the same non sequitur, and never once explained why Morano was wrong.

Aren't you a Ph.D. who claims to be an expert on this subject?

Apparently not, for now Romm has picked up his ball and run home, and, in so doing has made climate alarmists the world over look like whining crybabies.

Any questions as to why these folks refuse to debate?

Of course, there's likely another reason for Romm's pathetic behavior: he knows the Obama administration has likely punted on cap-and-trade this year, and with the globe continuing to cool, the window of opportunity for these alarmists to tax carbon dioxide is quickly closing.

Somebody pass Romm a pacifier and his blanket.

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