Sullivan: Palin Pick Most Irresponsible Act a Candidate Ever Made

September 20th, 2008 2:40 AM

If you needed any more evidence as to how frightened liberals are of Sarah Palin, you got it during Friday's "Real Time" on HBO.

In fact, the panel discussion featuring The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan, author Naomi Klein, and hip hop singer Will.I.Am was potentially the finest example of Palin Derangement Syndrome seen on television since she was first announced as John McCain's running mate three weeks ago.

From Sullivan calling her "a farce" and her nomination "the most irresponsible act any candidate has ever made," to Klein saying "she's basically Bush in drag," and Maher calling her "not very bright and not very knowledgable," this was the mother of all pound Palin sessions (video available here courtesy our friend MsUnderestimated):

BILL MAHER, HOST: This is not about her being a woman. It's about her being not very bright, and not very knowledgable. I mean, forget even experience.

NAOMI KLEIN, AUTHOR: But I mean, the thing about Palin is, is, you know, that the sort of liberal talking point about McCain is that he's four more years of Bush. Palin is much closer to four more years of Bush. I mean, you have all of these traits in common. A fear of blinking, for instance, which clearly McCain doesn't share with all that blinking. Um, you know, just a certainty that is completely uncommensurate with any knowledge or experience. Secrecy and an unwillingness to cooperate with inquiries. A belief that foreign policy is dictated by God. I mean, she's basically Bush in drag, and then when you add the hunting, when you add the hunting, you've got Cheney. You know, it's Bush and Cheney in one with the hunting. So, you know, she's four more years.

WILL.I.AM, SINGER: You know what scares me about Palin, is that we're talking about Palin, and we're not talking about how we really get out of the hole. That's what's really scary.

ANDREW SULLIVAN, THE ATLANTIC: No, we have we have to talk about Palin. I mean, Bill, let me just say, I, I don't even want to go this far in talking about her. She is a farce. This, this, this nomination. This, the nomination of this person to be potentially President of the United States next January. That's, that's the possibility. She could be president next January, is a joke. It is absurd. It is something that should be dismissed out of hand as the most irresponsible act any candidate has ever made. Bill, Bill, let me just tell you one thing...

MAHER: But let me interrupt your shit fit with a little...

SULLIVAN: No, it's not a shit fit, this is an outrage...

MAHER: I agree with you. I understand...

SULLIVAN: ...and after three weeks, no press conference?

MAHER: But here's the, here's the deal...

SULLIVAN: What is this, (unintelligible), Russia?

MAHER: I know, we're all, we're all, we're all upset about it.

SULLIVAN: We need to be more upset. We, we, we need to be much more upset.

Frankly, Andrew, if you were any more upset, there'd be foam coming out of your mouth.

If you can stand it, watch the whole thing.