Maher: 'I Don't Trust Americans...They're Just Too F***ing Dumb!'

HBO's Bill Maher was spewing some extraordinary hatred for his fellow countrymen again Friday night, this time claiming that he doesn't "trust Americans to do the right thing or make the right choices" because "[t]hey're just too f***ing dumb."

Why does he feel this way?

Because not everyone is going to vote for Barack Obama.

Yes, folks, if you don't vote for the Messiah, it has nothing to do with the issues, or whether the junior senator from Illinois isn't qualified, or even because you think John McCain is a better candidate.

According to Maher, if you don't vote for Obama, you're "just too f***ing dumb." At least that's what he told The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan who fervently made the case on Friday's "Real Time" for folks to vote for the Democrat ticket in November (video available here courtesy our friend MsUnderestimated):

BILL MAHER, HOST: I don't trust Americans quite frankly...


MAHER: Well, 'cause you're not American. If you lived here as long as I have...

SULLIVAN: I lived here 25 years.

MAHER: I know, I'm kidding. But I, I honestly do not trust Americans to do the right thing or make the right choices. They're just too fucking dumb. I'm sorry. I know I'm a bad guy for saying that. 

SULLIVAN: Churchill got it right. Churchill said, "Americans always do the right thing after they've exhaused every other alternative." And, and, and they will.

MAHER: And that's when, back when Americans were smarter than they are now. I, I mean, I do not trust, I don't know how, I certainly can understand why some people in this country now are saying, "Well, McCain could win," and they are making preparations, and when I say preparations, I mean for leaving the country. 

That's fine, Bill. Your ilk has been threatening this since 2000. Why don't you just do it and make the country a much better place?

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