Krauthammer Debunks Gibson and NYT's Attacks on Palin

September 13th, 2008 2:10 PM

ABC's Charlie Gibson continues to receive poor reviews for his obvious attempt to perform a hatchet job on Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

One of the harshest assessments of Gibson's performance came from syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer Saturday who also took the opportunity to bash the New York Times for misrepresenting some of the specifics of the interview in order to discredit Palin (emphasis added throughout):

The New York Times got it wrong. And Charlie Gibson got it wrong.

There is no single meaning of the Bush doctrine. In fact, there have been four distinct meanings, each one succeeding another over the eight years of this administration -- and the one Charlie Gibson cited is not the one in common usage today. It is utterly different. [...]

I know something about the subject because, as the Wikipedia entry on the Bush doctrine notes, I was the first to use the term.

Rather than cherry pick from Krauthammer's marvelous analysis, I suggest the reader review the entire piece for the truth about this matter.