ABC's 'Nightline': Sarah Palin 'Is Most Definitely Christian'

Did you know that Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin was Christian?

Well, in case you didn't, ABC's Martin Bashir felt it was necessary to bring up this fact at the beginning of Thursday's "Nightline." 

No foolin'.

After an introduction teasing the topics to be addressed in this installment, Bashir curiously began (video embedded right): 

Good evening. She's been described as charismatic, she is most definitely Christian, and after less than two weeks as Sen. John McCain's running mate, she's become the focus of the presidential campaign. Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, is already paying dividends for the Republicans. Just a month ago, an ABC News poll had Barack Obama ahead of John McCain by no less than six points. That same poll taken earlier this week showed Obama's lead has been cut to just one. So who is Sarah Palin? What does she believe? And is she qualified to step in as commander in chief? My colleague Charlie Gibson has our exclusive interview.

She is most definitely Christian.

Why do you think the producers felt this was both important and necessary to share with their viewers?

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