Joe Klein Calls McCain's RNC Speech 'Truly Offensive'

Time's Joe Klein went on quite a tirade during Sunday's "The Chris Matthews Show" calling John McCain's nomination acceptance speech at the just-concluded Republican National Convention "truly offensive."

Amongst other things, Klein was disappointed that McCain didn't talk about the 6.1 percent unemployment rate in the nation despite this being impossible as that economic news wasn't released until Friday morning hours after the speech concluded.

Klein also claimed that McCain "doesn't care about domestic policy" and "doesn't know about the economy" (image courtesy 

The most amazing part of that speech to me was the broad swath in the middle where he talked about policy. And he was just mailing it in. He doesn't care about policy. He doesn't care about domestic policy at all. He doesn't know about the economy. You know, the fact is that this week was a kind of Orwellian bit of prestidigitation. "Let's not talk about where the country is. Let's not talk about where Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and 6.1 percent unemployment. Let's not talk about the fact that the level of piece in Iraq is kind of shaky at this moment. Let's not talk about any of that. Let's talk about mooseburgers. I mean, it was truly offensive. We have to have a serious election discussion. 

Hmmm. So, I guess what Klein found truly offensive was that McCain had the nerve to not echo Democrat talking points at the Republican National Convention.

Oh the humanity.

On the other hand, given what Klein said a few moments later -- "They only mentioned the word 'Republican' a handful of times during the whole week" -- it makes one wonder if Klein was actually listening to any of the speeches.

After all, McCain said 'Republican' three times during his speech, Cindy McCain said it twice, and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said it once. 

Add it up, the word "Republican" was mentioned six times during the final two hours of the convention alone, all in prime time, which once again proves that facts are inconvenient to liberal media members when they get in the way of bashing conservatives.

As such, what's truly offensive, Joe, is how you'll say and write anything you want regardless of accuracy to get your guy elected. Bully for you.

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