Maher: 'I'm Putting Country First By Supporting Obama'

On Friday evening, HBO's Bill Maher announced to the world what certainly won't come as a shock to many: "You know who's putting country first? I am by supporting Obama."

With this coming a week after he chastised "guys" at MSNBC -- likely Chris Matthews and Chris Olbermann -- for being ready to have sex with the Democrat presidential nominee, it appears Maher no longer thinks it's wrong for media members to gush all over the junior senator from Illinois.

Having previously insinuated that Trig Palin was not Sarah's child (as pointed out by my colleague Brent Baker), Maher concluded Friday's "Real Time" by devoting all five of his "New Rules" to attacking the Alaska governor, as well as John McCain, Fred Thompson, and all Republicans (video embedded right, lowlights that include mild vulgarity follow, h/t MsUnderestimated):

  • In his first "New Rule" entitled "Hillbilly Heroine," Maher went right after the Palins (Palin's pregnant daughter holding youngest son pictured on screen): "If you're a baby momma trying to hide your baby daddy's baby behind your momma's baby, you just might be a redneck." But it got worse: "At least when Obama got a convention bump it wasn't leaking amniotic fluid."    
  • Rule 2, called "Eskimo Pie," implied McCain is lusting after Palin (pictures of McCain and Palin together flashing across screen): "Is this a running mate or a midlife crisis? The old maverick is so hot for the MILF he had to put a folder in front of his crotch because the surge was working."
  • Rule 3, called "Wrong Said Fred," went after Fred Thompson.
  • Rule 4, called "Thrilla in Wasilla," implored Democrats to attack Palin: "Democrats must not treat Sarah Palin with kid glooves just because she's a lady."
  • Rule 5, called "Snide and Prejudice," attacked all Republicans as being stupid: "Admit it: you're not voting for [Obama] because he's smarter than you." Maher then made clear what we've all known for quite some time: "You know who's putting country first? I am by supporting Obama, because a victory this fall for the McCain/Mooseburger ticket would make my job the next four years very, very easy."


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