Harwood Crosses Fingers For Democrat Catharsis Tonight

Add John Harwood to the list of Barack Obama sycophants, for on Tuesday morning's "Squawk Box," CNBC's chief Washington correspondent actually crossed his fingers hoping that Hillary Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight can bring about a much-needed catharsis amongst her disgruntled supporters.

In fact, he not only told the viewing audience to cross their fingers, but as he said it, also looked into the camera while crossing his own (file photo).

I kid you not:

You guys ready for some catharsis? I tell you what, Barack Obama is, and he's hoping Hillary Clinton can give it to him tonight. (Crosses fingers in front of the camera.) Fingers crossed, we'll talk about it next after the break.

GIVE ME A BREAK, John! Think you could at least TRY to hide your support for Obama while on camera? Or would that be beyond your scope as a journalist.

Of course, what should we expect from a guy who actually had the gall to tell a national television audience Saturday that Joe Biden's racial slurs/gaffes are an asset to the ticket?


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