Daily Show Welcomes 'Rich White Oligarchs' to Minneapolis

Do you think those involved with Comedy Central's "Daily Show" are trying to make a statement by placing this billboard on the freeway leaving the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport?

As Broadcasting & Cable reported Sunday:

Having arrived just yesterday in Minneapolis (for the Minnesota State Fair, of course, not the convention), I can report that the Comedy Central show has erected a can’t-miss-it billboard off of I-494 that greets motorists leaving the MSP airport. [...]

As far as I can tell, this went up in the past couple days. Haven’t found an equivalent billboard welcoming “latte-sipping, arugula-munching” delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, which starts tomorrow.

For those unfamiliar with the term, an oligarch is a member of a government ruled by a few dominant individuals.

Hmmm. So do you think the good folks at the "Daily Show" view the GOP as a small group of rich white folks ruling the country?

Fascinating given four of the five richest members in Congress are Democrats. But why should facts get in the way of a good insult if it's humorously intended?

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