'Environmentalist' Sting Flies Solo From England to Germany

According to Him -- meaning the amazingly pompous and holier-than-thou rockstar Sting -- the world is coming to an end if we don't stop global warming.

Yet, the self-described "environmentalist" bassplayer for the rock band the Police continues to symbolize the hypocrisy of wealthy liberal elites that tell us we have to make sacrifices for the good of the planet...as long as they don't have to!

In the most recent incident, the man who in 2005 arrogantly stated, "I think we need to convince Mr. Bush that global warming is in fact a reality" flew from England to Germany, in a private jet with a seating capacity of fourteen, BY HIMSELF!

I guess his concerts and convenience are FAR MORE important than the planet...as reported by the Daily Mail Monday evening (emphasis added, h/t NBer mastersofdeceit):

The Police front man, who has long been a campaigner on environmental issues, was spotted disembarking from the plane alone at Leipzig airport. He was then bussed into the city centre to perform with the rest of the band on Saturday. [...]

A spokesman for Leipzig airport who was there when Sting arrived said: 'We can confirm Sting was the only passenger on board the Falcon 2000 aircraft.'

I guess his wife is right about them being hypocrites concerning global warming...yuh think?

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