Actor John Cusack Does Anti-McCain Ad For

If you find the love affair media are having with Barack Obama unseemly, you'd better prepare yourself for how low Hollywood elites will be stooping in the coming months to get their candidate in the White House.

As a potentially sick-making foreshadowing of things to come, just released a new television advertisement featuring "War, Inc." actor John Cusack playing the role of a Hollywoodan in the grips of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

As the video embedded right and the transcript which follows demonstrate, Cusack is perfect for the part:

You think you can tell President Bush apart from John McCain? Really? Pop quiz: who supports keeping our troops in harm's way in Iraq, but not a bipartisan GI Bill of Rights to support them when they return home? Whose top advertisers are linked to war profiteers? Who tried to convince Americans to try to privatize our Social Security? Who opposed healthcare for uninsured children last year? The answer is: both. Go to and take the Bush/McCain challenge. Bet you can't tell them apart.

Interesting talking points, wouldn't you agree? Wouldn't it be nice if truth in advertising laws that every company in America is subject to applied to political action committees and campaigns? Why are consumers in our nation better protected from scam artists and charlatans than voters?

Will our nation survive five more months of this intellectual dishonesty? Stay tuned.

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