Debate Backlash: 'In Memoriam -- George Stephanopoulos, Political Hack'

If the anger from the left over Wednesday night's debate on ABC continues to manifest itself this way, an old phrase concerning women will have to be altered to "Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned."

Having been bludgeoned by the Washington Post's Tom Shales, and all manner of Netroots denizen, moderator George Stephanopoulos is now the subject of a YouTube video depicting him as dead and "In Memoriam."

For those not getting the so-called joke, "In Memoriam" is a segment near the end of each installment of "This Week" when folks that have died the previous week, including military members serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, are memorialized.

In this video (embedded upper right), it is Stephanopoulos himself being so "honored," as the text rolls across the screen:

George Stephanopoulos

Political Hack

(1992 - 2008)

Was A Leading Member Of Bill Clinton's 1992 Presidential Campaign

Worked For Bill Clinton During Both Of His Terms In Office

Despite His Partisan Background, He Was Chosen To Host A Sunday Morning News Program On ABC

The Same Network Where He Would Later Make A Fool Out Of Himself

And Lose Forever Any Meager Credibility He May Have Had As A "Journalist"

By, In A Stunning Conflict Of Interest, Presiding Over The Worst Debate Of The Primary Season

And Asking Frivolous, Politically-Motivated Tabloid Questions

(Some Of Which Were Planted By Fox News' Sean Hannity And Possibly The Clinton Campaign Itself)

You get the feeling that none of this anger was being expressed when the sycophants at MSNBC and CNN were asking "frivolous, politically-motivated tabloid questions" during previous debates?

Honestly, the hypocrisy of these folks is astounding. 

For more comments concerning the exquisitely delicious pain being felt throughout the liberal world as a result of this debate, make sure to catch Ace's feedback, as well as Allah's.

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