Google Sued for Banning Pro-Life Ad

A Christian group in Great Britain is suing internet search behemoth Google for religious discrimination over its refusal to place pro-Life advertisements.

Oddly, the technology giant doesn't ban ads for abortion clinics or pro-abortion websites.

Interesting dichotomy, wouldn't you agree?

As reported by CNA last Thursday (emphasis added):

The Christian Institute, which describes itself as a “non-denominational Christian charity,” wanted to purchase an advertisement that would be displayed whenever the word “abortion” was typed into the search engine.

The proposed advertisement, which would have linked to the group’s web site, reads "UK abortion law - news and views on abortion from the Christian Institute."

Google’s Dublin-based advertising office said that their refusal was based off of a company policy. “At this time, Google policy does not permit the advertisement of websites that contain 'abortion and religion-related content'," the office said, according to the Daily Mail.

However, Google does accept advertisements for abortion clinics, secular pro-abortion sites, and secularist sites which attack religion.

The advertisement was part of the Christian Institute’s efforts to promote its on-line articles on abortion before legislation regulating the practice arrived in the House of Commons. [...]

The Christian Institute has filed a lawsuit against Google, arguing the company discriminates against Christians in violation of the Equality Act 2006. The institute is seeking damages, costs, and permission to publish its advertisement.

Should be very interesting to see what comes of this suit. Stay tuned.

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