Global Warming Update: Ann Arbor Has Snowiest Year on Record

This certainly hasn't been the winter climate alarmists wanted to prove that global warming is destined to destroy the planet if we don't immediately cease and desist emitting that awful carbon dioxide into the air.

After all, not only has the cooling trend continued, but despite warnings that America was going to have so little snow that ski resorts across the fruited plain would all go bankrupt, the winter of 2008 produced record amounts of the white stuff in many parts of the country.

As reported by, you can count Ann Arbor, Michigan, amongst the heavily snowed upon (emphasis added):

It's just as you suspected - this has been the snowiest winter ever in the Ann Arbor area, or at least since 1880 when record-keeping started.

And it's not over yet.

Didn't this part of the country get the message from Nobel Laureate Al Gore?

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