Saturday Night Live: 'McCain is Crazy Old,' 'Black Is the New President'

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" continued its political activism disguised as satire on March 15, this time choosing to make the case for Barack Obama while doing an entire sketch about John McCain being "crazy old."

During Saturday's "Weekend Update," former SNLer, and current "30 Rock" co-star Tracy Morgan, stumped for Obama, and did so quite comically (embedded right).

In the defining moment, Morgan concluded by marvelously countering Tina Fey's Hillary stump speech three weeks ago:

Three weeks ago, my girl, Tina Fey, she came on this show and she declared that bitch is the new black. And you know I love you, Tina. You know you're my girl. But I have something to say. Bitch may be the new black, but black is the new president, bitch!

Regardless of the obvious advocacy, Morgan was indeed hysterical. Bravo!

With that on the table, later in the show, Brian Williams, played by Will Forte, cut in to do a "Special Report" on John McCain that continued on the media meme that the senator from Arizona is just too old to be president (video available at Raw Story, liberal website alert).

Forte began:

Good evening. In a week already rife with political scandal, we now have another revelation that is bound to shake up the Republican nomination. After a year-long NBC News news investigation, it has come to light that the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain is in fact old. [Picture of McCain on screen with the word "OLD" under his name.] NBC News has obtained a copy of McCain's birth certificate that appears to confirm that he is not only old, but very old. The kind of old that makes you not really trust him with scissors.

The "Report" continued to belittle McCain's age by presenting a surveillance photo of the Arizona senator eating at a Bob Evan's restaurant at 4:30 in the afternoon, and intimating that he's easily intimidated by telemarketers.

Add up the political positions of the last four shows, and you find:

  • Media have been too easy on Obama, while being too tough on Clinton
  • Bitch is the new black
  • McCain is crazy old
  • Black is the new president.

I get it.

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