Coulter: Hillary and SNL Right About Media Being In The Tank For Obama

Unless you've been asleep or out of the country for a month, you're well aware of claims by Hillary Clinton and NBC's "Saturday Night Live" that media are totally in the tank for Barack Obama.

On Wednesday, conservative author Ann Coulter was Steve Malzberg's guest on WOR radio, and she couldn't agree more with this assertion about the mainstream media's love affair with the junior senator from Illinois.

After Malzberg mentioned Michelle Obama's recent despicable comments about our country published in The New Yorker magazine and reported by NewsBusters Wednesday, he asked his guest what impact Mrs. Obama might have on the election. Coulter responded (seven-minute audio available here):

Well, I think huge. In fact, though we do have the MSM covering for, for, for the Democrats generally, but much more for Obama. ...Yes, the MSM is definitely in Obama's camp. Hillary was right. Hillary and "Saturday Night Live" were right about that.

Interesting historical moment when Ann Coulter agrees with something a Clinton said, dontcha think?

But I digress, for seconds later, Malzberg mentioned how NBC's Tim Russert during last week's debate between Clinton and Obama didn't press the junior senator from Illinois far enough concerning statements made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright with regard to 9/11. Coulter responded:

And not only that, he kept talking too long, and, you know, basically ended with, with, a mealy-mouthed little question rather than just quoting and asking B. Hussein Obama to respond. It's just another example of how the media, you know, even when they're pretending to raise tough questions give the answer to B. Hussein Obama while asking if he needs an extra pillow.


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