'SNL': CNN Debate Moderators 'Totally in the Tank for Senator Obama'

After a lengthy hiatus due to the Hollywood writers' strike, NBC's "Saturday Night Live" returned to the airwaves last evening, and began with a skit deliciously mocking CNN's recent debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

SNLer Kristen Wiig I believe, apparently impersonating CNN's Campbell Brown who hosted the debate -- although looking much more like Suzanne Malveaux -- introduced the festivities by comically and quite accurately stating (h/t Tim Graham):

Like nearly everyone in the news media, the three of us are totally in the tank for Senator Obama. Now let's meet the candidates. Just four years ago, Barack Obama was known only as a brilliant, charismatic and universally admired member of the Illinois State Senate. Today he is one of our nation's truly visionary leaders. And soon, knock on wood, the first black president of the United States.

Thus began a roughly three-minute segment of mock-CNNers gushing adoringly over Obama in a fashion guaranteed to put huge smiles on the faces of those willing to recognize just how partial today's media are to the junior senator from Illinois.

Bravo, SNL! Bravo!

*****Update: As a post facto thought, was NBC mocking the news media for being so in the tank for Obama, or not being in the tank for Hillary? Bear in mind that this show emanates from her "home" state where she did well in the primaries. As such, if you watch this again, is this more of a smack at CNN for not getting on Hillary's bandwagon than so obviously being pro-Obama?

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