Bolton Bashes Gore's Bali Buffoonery

As NewsBusters reported, Nobel Laureate Al Gore made a fool out of himself at the United Nations climate change meeting in Bali Thursday by chastising America for having the exact same global warming policy the Clinton administration had when he was vice president in 1997.

Marvelously, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton was on Fox News the following day speaking inconvenient truths about the Global Warmingist-in-Chief that sycophantic media members disgracefully refuse to share with the citizenry.

With that in mind, get your popcorn ready, kick your feet up, and listen to the facts about this issue spoken in a fashion that press members eschew for the sake of their own politics and advocacy (video available here):

Well, it's not unusual for Vice President Gore to be wrong, either, as he is in this case. You know, of the G-8 industrialized democracies, four - the United States, Japan, Canada, and Russia - share our view that we don't want numerical targets in this agreement. Four others, the four European countries, disagree. But, within the G-8, it's a four-four split. If you look at the developing countries, Brazil, India, and China all oppose these targets as well. So, the notion that this is the fault of the U.S. is wrong. If anybody's isolated here, I think it's the Europeans and Al Gore.

EXACTLY. But there was more:

This is a U.N. conference, after all, and that's principally what people like to do, blame us for ev, for all the problems. But, in fact, I think it's because we've been clear in what our objections are to these targets, and other countries find it convenient both to fall in behind us and let us take the heat, and it's good politics for the Europeans to blame us. But it just shows there's a difference of opinion in how to proceed. The notion that the U.S. is isolated however, or that the key problem is just flatly wrong.

EXACTLY. Add it all up, and seven of the largest economies on the planet didn't want to commit to carbon dioxide emissions cuts.

Sadly, this wasn't what Gore said Thursday, and it wasn't how media presented the goings-on at this conference.


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