NBC Double Standard: Today Show Aired Antiwar Ad by MoveOn.org

As NewsBusters reported Friday, television network NBC has decided not to run ads thanking and supporting America's troops stationed overseas during the holidays.

*****Update: Drudge is reporting that NBC has capitulated due to "pressure from outraged viewers." Stay tuned...

The sticking point according to NBC's head of standards and policies Alan Wurtzel was that Freedom's Watch "insisted that the spot contain the URL address of its Web site."

Yet, such didn't seem to be a problem a few years ago when MoveOn.org created an antiwar ad entitled "How Many More" that, according to the organization's website, ran during NBC's "Today" show (video available here, h/t NB reader Blair Lovern):

When we gave the media our new TV ad, they ran it during the news segments on Good Morning America and The Today Show-those shows are viewed by millions. Now, in order to make sure this moment isn't forgotten, we need to repeatedly play the ad on TV screens across America. Will you make a contribution to help make that happen? This is a critical time to be getting the message out about Iraq and MoveOn.org Political Action is entirely member funded. Together we can make a big difference.

Now, this ad in question doesn't show the URL for MoveOn per se. However, as it addresses IN WRITING the organization as MoveOn.org, that INDEED IS the group's URL.

Convenient loophole or double standard?

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