AP: ‘Gore Takes Public Transportation During Nobel Trip in Norway’

To give you an idea of what lengths Nobel Laureate Al Gore and his media minions will go to present him as a champion for the environment, the Associated Press Friday published a story about the Global Warmingist-in-Chief taking public transportation in Norway (emphasis added, h/t NBer Sick-n-Tired):

Former Vice President Al Gore arrived in Oslo today to accept the Nobel Peace Prize he shared for the campaign against global warming, and shunned the traditional airport motorcade in favor of climate-friendly public transport.

Touching, dontcha think, especially as the piece totally ignored what Gore's carbon footprint will be on the trip. Fortunately, Libby Rosenthal of the International Herald Tribune got a copy of the schlockumentarist's itinerary, and it's filled with inconvenient truths the sycophants at AP dare not share (emphasis added):

He (and his family and his aides) are flying first to Norway to pick up his Nobel Prize on the 10th, and then flying on to Bali for the climate conference there. OK, Al Gore is a real hero of the environmental movement, and has admirably helped galvanize the world to action.

But couldn't he have reinforced the points he so often makes by not flying to these faraway locations? Could he have picked up his Nobel and addressed the delegates in Bali via video-link for example?


So using Terrapass' carbon calculator for flying, I tallied up the emissions created by all the flying around on behalf of important environmental causes this month:

Assuming that Al Gore's entourage will be 10 people (as an ex-Vice-President I would guess it will be more), they will produce over 100,000 pounds of CO2 flying from the U.S. to Norway and back home again.

Yeah, but he did take the train a few times. So, let's cut him some slack, especially since he and Tipper look so happy doing it:

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