Joe and Valerie Wilson Think They’re Not Getting Enough Press

November 22nd, 2007 10:06 PM

This might actually be the most absurd thing I've seen in months.

On Thanksgiving Day, Joe and Valerie Plame Wilson, the couple that likely has gotten more media attention in the past few years than any in America besides the Clintons and Brangelina, actually took the time to write an article whining about the press not going gaga enough about recent revelations from Scott McClellan's not yet written book.

Honestly, I used to think Bill Clinton was the most self-absorbed person on the planet, but these two really take the cake.

As published at the Huffington Post Thursday (emphasis added):

With the exception of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and the intrepid David Shuster, the mainstream media would have you believe that McClellan's revelation is old news. "Now back to Aruba and the two-year old disappearance of a blond teenager." But treason is not old news. The Washington press corps, whose pretension is to report and interpret events objectively, has been compromised in this matter as evidence presented in the courtroom demonstrated. Prominent journalists acted as witting agents of Rove, Libby and Armitage and covered up this serious breach of U.S. national security rather than doing their duty as journalists to report it to the public.

So far there is no apparent desire for redemption driving the press to report on the treachery of senior officials. Instead, the mainstream press has compounded its complicity by giving the Bush administration yet another free pass and shifting blame. The New York Times failed to publish an article on McClellan's revelation and The Washington Post buried it at the end of a column deep on page A-15 in the newspaper. Earlier in the week, Newsweek magazine, owned by the Washington Post Company, proudly announced the identity of its new star columnist -- Karl Rove, one of the key actors in this collective treason. Robert Novak, who willfully disclosed Valerie's identity, having been twice warned not to do so by the CIA, and who transmitted his column to Rove before it was published, remains a regularly featured columnist in The Washington Post.

These people are delusional. As NewsBusters also reported Thursday (emphasis added):

In the past few days since these 121 words were posted, there have been 126 press reports on the subject. CNN has led the way with sixteen, followed by MSNBC with six, NBC with three, and one each from NBC and CBS.

But that's not enough.

Wilson and/or his wife have been mentioned in 141 press reports since the McClellan revelations first appeared.

But that's not enough.

Besides his beloved MSNBC, Wilson was also interviewed this week by CNN and CBS.

But that's not enough.

According to LexisNexis, Wilson and/or his wife have been mentioned in more than 11,000 media reports so far this year. In 162 of them, the word "treason" was included.

But that's not enough.

Not surprisingly, what was enough for the Wilsons was the side of this story they decided to not share with their readers which largely made moot their complaints.

I guess this couple didn't feel the opinions expressed by McClellan's publisher concerning the press overreacting to the marketing blurb placed at Public Affairs Monday were at all important.

Nor was this publisher's assertions that McClellan "Did not intend to suggest Bush lied to him."

Clearly, those little details were too much information for this couple, for to them, it's all about publicity.

Quite a delicious contradiction for a pair that has been complaining that her name was leaked, dontcha think?