Juan Williams Defends Bill O’Reilly, Calls CNN Idiots

Anybody that has logged on to the Internet in the past couple of days is well aware that the far left in our nation are doing what the far left are best at: calling people racists, and hoping folks will be fired as a result.

The latest conspiracy fabricated by the left - albeit in a long line of conspiracies - deals with comments made by Fox News's Bill O'Reilly on his radio program.

Tuesday evening, O'Reilly invited liberal NPR correspondent Juan Williams on "The Factor" - who, coincidentally, was O'Reilly's radio guest when the supposedly offensive words were uttered - for his views on the subject.

Likely much to the chagrin of liberals throughout the nation, Williams came strongly to O'Reilly's defense, and pointed an accusatory finger at those that have intentionally mischaracterized what transpired for their own benefit (video available here, h/t Johnny Dollar):

It’s rank dishonesty, and the troubling thing is that if I hadn’t participated in the discussion, if I was just tuning into CNN, or listening to MSNBC, and heard that, oh, Bill O'Reilly said he went to Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem and they weren’t using M-F and all this kind of stuff, I’d say, “Oh my god. What is he thinking? Where’s that coming from? Why did he say something like that?” Not understanding that that discussion, Bill O’Reilly, I’m telling you, it’s so frustrating. They want to shut you up. They want to shut up anybody that has an honest discussion about race. […]

And now they take this discussion and somehow turn it on its head. I’m really appalled. And, I say that as someone who’s, I can’t believe this is going on. It’s outrageous because the discussion we had was about how too often on TV are these rappers glorifying drugs, glorifying violence and degrading women. […]

Here’s my complaint. They’re trying to shut up anybody who’s having an honest thought about race relations in this country, and wants to speak honestly about the damage being done by the likes of these rappers or these comedians who use the N-word, and all of that. You know, they’re willing to celebrate Snoop Dogg, or Twista, or any of these guys who go out there and present these minstrel show images of black people. […]

When you said you went up to Sylvia’s, you said you went in there, the place was a normal restaurant, healthy discussion, people were pleased, and in fact, they celebrated the fact that here’s Bill O’Reilly with Al Sharpton – Oh my gosh, two celebrities are in the house. And then you said everything settled down like a normal restaurant, ethnic like an Italian restaurant. […]

I’m glad you said that. You should repeat that so they here it again. You said stereotypes are not true. I said you should go up there more often, it shouldn’t be a foreign trip. But it had nothing to do with racist ranting by anybody except these idiots at CNN.

Somehow, I don't imagine Williams's statements will be replayed on CNN or MSNBC.

How 'bout you?

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