Gore Movie Contains ‘One of the Single Stupidest Statements Ever Put on Film’

Though Austin Chronicle writer Robert Bryce is likely not a household name, his column published in Thursday's Energy Tribune is a must-read for all anthropogenic global warming skeptics.

In "Al Gore's Zero Emissions Makes Zero Sense," Bryce not only skewered the Global Warmingist in Chief's schlockumentary "An Inconvenient Truth," but he also deliciously mocked all the sycophant devotees of the former vice president that have failed to recognize the obvious as they tour the country professing imminent planetary doom at the hands of a naturally occurring gas that happens to be a necessity to all forms of life.

With that in mind, Bryce marvelously began with one of the world's greatest truisms (emphasis added throughout):

It is the nature of civilization to use energy and it's the nature of liberalism to feel bad about it.

Honestly, have you ever heard any statement that better describes this whole debate?

Fortunately, Bryce wasn't even warmed up yet:

Here's my review: it is an overly simplistic look at a complex problem and it concludes with one of the single stupidest statements ever put on film. Yes, that's harsh criticism. But it's the right one, given that just before the final credits, in a segment addressing what individuals can do about global warming, the following line appears onscreen: "In fact, you can even reduce your carbon emissions to zero."

This statement is so blatantly absurd that I am still stunned, weeks after watching Gore's movie, that none of the dozens of smart people involved in the production of the movie - including, particularly, Gore himself - paused to wonder aloud something to the effect of, "Hey, what about breathing? Don't we produce carbon dioxide through respiration?"

The answer, is yes, we do. Thus, by including the claim that you can "reduce your carbon emissions to zero" the film's producers might as well have hung a sign around Gore's neck that says "I'm an idiot."

Does that mean all of the folks that are buying Gore's snake oil must also be wearing such a sign around their necks?

Regardless of the answer, the reader is encouraged to review the entire piece for more chuckles.

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