Possible Questions For Monday's CNN/YouTube Democrat Debate

For those interested, there are currently 2,794 video questions that have been submitted for consideration to be asked at Monday's CNN/YouTube Democrat debate. Those that can stomach it should go here.

However, be forewarned. Some of the submissions are quite absurd.

With that in mind, Bryan at Hot Air has selflessly and admirably taken one for the team so to speak, and actually looked at about 1,100 of these videos reaching the following conclusions (emphasis added):

YouTube should post a sign at the top of the first page of questions submitted for Monday night’s debate: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” The top secret team that’s sifting through the pile of questions, rants, false flag lobbying operations and statements dressed as questions must be cursing whoever came up with this idea.


[T]he vast majority of people who submitted questions are a) very, very liberal and b) mostly ignorant or unconsciously self-parodying, c) self-important beyond reason and d) really, really have some problem or other with America. If it’s not racism or religiosity or our warmongerin’ ways, a huge majority of these people are just ticked off at this country about something.

Bryan, are you describing the questioners or the candidates?

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