CNN Fixated On Negatives of Katrina Rather Than Positives of Rita

As amazing as it might seem, it is now four weeks since Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana.  Yet, even though another major storm has pummeled our country this weekend, CNN is still fixated on the perceived errors made by the federal government four weeks ago rather than the successful evacuation and preparations for Hurricane Rita.

On Sunday’s “American Morning,” CNN’s Elaine Quijano spent part of her Hurricane Rita report chastising the president for his performance during Hurricane Katrina (video to follow):

“The president's response this time contrasts with his actions during hurricane Katrina. When that storm came ashore, Mr. Bush, while monitoring Katrina, remained on vacation at his Texas ranch. He proceeded with previously planned events in Arizona and California, before returning to Washington two days later.”

As an aside, there has only been one casualty related to Hurricane Rita, although it was actually the result of a tornado in Mississippi.

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