Geraldo Rivera Claims The New York Times Lied

On Fox News this morning, Geraldo Rivera claimed that the New York Times’ Allessandra Stanley lied about him pushing people in New Orleans so his camera crew could catch him assisting folks being evacuated from a retirement home.  Please reference Ian Schwartz’s post from Tuesday concerning this.

“The New York Times has lied about me.  And they have an arrogance, an institutional arrogance that somehow prohibits them from admitting their mistake.  And it’s really embarrassing.  So, here’s what we’re going to do:  We’re going to provide to any journalistic outfit that wants it the entire uncut, unedited tape of what happened to me and what I was doing helping the airforce guys to evacuate that retirement home.  And there is no first-year journalism student anywhere on the planet that will agree with their assessment.  And the fact that they refuse to correct is an arrogance, it’s an anti-Fox bias.  It’s also a kind of superiority…a social and cultural superiority.” 

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