The View’s 10 Worst Back-Breaking Contortions to Defend Dems of 2023

December 27th, 2023 4:00 PM

While most of the liberal ladies of ABC’s The View are up there in age (a fact they’re lash out at you for noticing), that doesn’t mean they’re not limber enough to tie themselves up into back-breaking contortions to help defend Democrats and push their policies.

Reality and sense were casualties as The View did their best to write off President Biden’s advanced age and mental slips ahead of an election year, downplay Hunter Biden’s crimes, and obfuscate the failure of liberal policies.

Presented here, are The View’s 10 worst back-breaking contortions of 2023. We recommend you stretch before proceeding.

  1. ‘What Bribery Scheme?!’ The View Plays Dumb Then Defends Biden Corruption

The first few on the list are the knots the cast tied themselves in order to defend Biden’s reelection chances at all costs.

In July, amid the drip drip drip from the House Oversight Committee, moderator Whoopi Goldberg played dumb. “What bribery scheme?!” she huffed. Staunchly racist and anti-Semitic co-host Sunny Hostin suggested it was all a smokescreen from Republicans because they “don't have a real program as to how you'll help the American people.”

  1. Hypocrites in Heels: The View Defends Biden's Mental Slips, Jump on Trump Gaffes

While The View previously suggested there were no signs of Biden’s deteriorating mental condition, by late November they resorted to arguing that former President Trump’s condition was worse.

“But what is remarkable to me is this, our country is so polarized that Trump supporters see that and they don't think a thing about it. It doesn't really affect them. He's my tough guy. He's my fighter. But see any gaffe of Joe Biden and Joe Biden is aging, he's too old. And it’s this sort of Rorschach test of where the country is,” whined faux-conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin.

  1. Behar: Better for America If Biden Gets Reelected and ‘Dies in Office’

As Biden continued to drop in the polls and voters’ concern about his advanced age continued to rise, Joy Behar was getting desperate to keep the President from hemorrhaging support. It got to the point where she was arguing it was better for him to eventually die in office than have Trump elected again.

“The question is this: Let's say Joe Biden – God forbid – dies in office, isn't that still okay for the country? The country will survive it but if Trump wins, the country will not survive it. That's a fact,” she proclaimed.

A runner-up in the same vein was Behar declaring: A Braindead ‘Drooling’ Biden Better ‘Than Any Republican.



  1.  ‘Classified Classified’? The View Defends Biden Stealing Documents

To warm up for their year of bending over backwards, Goldberg insisted that the classified documents found in Biden’s garage were no big deal and that everyone was blowing it out of proportion and that their classified nature could be a lie.

“We're being told they're classified. We don't know if it's like classified classified or just classified. We don't know,” she mocked.

  1. The View Grasps at Straws to Defend ‘Weak Case’ Against Trump

While they were doing what they could to defend President Biden from accusations of impropriety, they were also trying to emphasize those against Trump.

And when it came to the case brought by New York D.A. Alvin Bragg, Goldberg admitted “Some people on both sides of the aisle say the case is weak.” Co-host Sara Haines played word games, suggesting “it wasn't a weak case” but rather “a grey-area case” and “what they were saying is the law is unclear here.”

  1. The View Denies Nashville Shooter Hated Christians and Was Mentally Ill

Arguably the most grotesque contortion they tied themselves into, was when Hostin denied the fact that the Nashville Covenant School shooter didn’t target the school because of their hatred for Christians and wasn’t mentally ill.

“I heard one guy say, ‘Well, this is against the Christians.’ No, it's not against the Christians,” she screeched. “I am sick of people conveniently saying ‘this is a mental health issue’ or ‘you can't look at this issue without mental health.’ This is an AR-15-style weapon, issue.”



  1. The View: Mental Health of Mass Shooters Doesn’t Matter, Denies Crisis

Denying the fact that mass shooters were generally mentally ill people was a common theme for Hostin throughout the year.

“I mention this over and over again. People that have mental health issues are much more likely to be the victims of crime than commit crime,” she whined. When pressed, she refused to answer if mass shooters were mentally stable.

  1. The View Decries Hunter Gun Charges: All Addicts 'Lie,’ 'Commit Crime'

The View denies the reality of mass shootings in order to take away the rights of law-abiding gun owners and demand more gun control laws. But when it came to enforcing the gun laws already on the books, they would contort themselves to protect Democrats who break them, like Hunter Biden.

After Hunter lied on a federal background check about his drug addiction, faux conservative Ana Navarro didn’t want him prosecuted. Her defense? All addicts “lie” and “commit crime,” and it’s something many relate to.

  1. The View Defends Biden Shunning Young Grandkid, DEMANDS You Ignore It

Cruelty was the point in July when the cast supported Biden in shunning his four-year-old granddaughter, fathered by Hunter, and wanted people to ignore the story.

Hostin attacked the mother and accused her of trying to “wedge herself into the [Biden] family.” She defended the President by arguing he was “just following what his son has set in motion. And how do you fault any of that?”

  1.   The View: CA’s Homelessness Crisis Is Fine, They Have Climate Policies

Hostin has proven to be the most limber and she really flaunted it when she defended California’s homelessness crisis by praising their climate change policies; all because she has the hots for Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom:

BEHAR: Yeah, but California is in trouble all the time with a lot of homeless and a lot of problems they’re having.

HOSTIN: But they have a lot of good programs when it comes to climate change.