Gushing Mika to Hillary: 'I Would Vote for You’ If You’re the Nominee

January 15th, 2016 3:39 PM

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton phoned into Morning Joe, Friday, and Mika Brzezinski could not contain her excitement. “I don’t know, are you? Are you sure?” Brzezinski exclaimed excitedly, when Clinton said she was happy to be on the program. Brzezinski didn’t seem to hold anything back, informing Clinton she would support her if she won the Democratic nomination: “I would vote for you if you won.”

Brzezinski could not hold back her admiration; sharing with Clinton how enamored she and Joe were back in 2008: “Gosh....There was nobody who was more impressed with you than me and Joe, New Hampshire, back in 2008, which was the most incredible… Everyone thought you were done. Everyone thought it was over except you, and you were right.” 

As though she were a teenager talking to a celebrity, Brzezinski continued: “It was the most kind of incredible thing we've ever seen in term of a candidate's ability to keep going and be acrobatic, if I could.”

See transcript below: 

Morning Joe

January 15, 2016

8:37:15 – 8:37:51 Eastern

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Okay so, this is big. This is big.


BRZEZINSKI: Joining us on the phone right now; and I will say this has been a long time coming, we're very excited to have presidential candidate Hillary Clinton joining us on the phone. She's on the campaign trail. I think in South Carolina, or somewhere. We're going see her, in person, soon. But, we're so glad to have you on the phone. Welcome back to Morning Joe!

HILLARY CLINTON: Well, thank you! Thank you everybody! Glad to be back.

BRZEZINSKI: I don’t know, are you? Are you sure?


BRZEZINSKI: I just want to say—

CLINTON: I- I think- I think we know more in about, you know, five or six minutes.           

SCARBOROUGH: Exactly. Why don't we- why don’t we start so we can figure it out.


8:43:18 – 8:44:26 Eastern

BRZEZINSKI: Okay, so—ah gosh. There was nobody who was more impressed with you than me and Joe, New Hampshire, back in 2008, which was the most incredible. 

SCARBOROUGH: We were all younger then.

BRZEZINSKI: We were a lot younger. We had you on the show at 6:00 A.M. And then we interviewed you late at night, 9:30 P.M., and you were still going. Everyone thought you were done. Everyone thought it was over except you, and you were right. And you-- It was the most kind of incredible thing we've ever seen in term of a candidate's ability to keep going and be acrobatic, if I could. 

Having said that, my relationship with following your campaign has been rather complicated. I say on the one hand I still don't understand your message. What is it clearly? And I'll ask your advisers and supporters, what's your message, and they'll go on and on and on and on, which in some ways is a great tribute to all the work you've done, but it wasn't clear. Having said that, I’ve also said on the air “I would vote for you if you won”. So let me ask you this. What clearly is the message of your campaign and is it authentic unlike the way Vice President Biden alluded to the other day?