MRCTV's Brittany Hughes Slams Network Blackout of Alleged MD Rape By Illegal Immigrant

March 23rd, 2017 2:02 PM

On Thursday morning’s Fox & Friends, Brittany Hughes of our sister site MRCTV lambasted ABC, CBS, and NBC for their callous refusal to cover the alleged heinous rape of a female student in a Washington D.C. suburban high school by two men and one of which is here in the country illegally.

Hughes also decimated the media for their failure to report on the incident at Rockville High School, but instead cover what type of pasta is tastier and an electric car being put on stilts.

“You know what's really interesting is that none of the news media are talking about this. None of the major outlets and that's includes CNN, MSNBC. None of the major outlets are giving any time to this story and I think that's really a travesty here. You’ve got a young woman who is sexually assaulted by an illegal alien who wasn't even supposed to be in this country in the first place,” Hughes explained to the show’s co-hosts.

She also took time to note how, similarly, “absolutely nothing is being said about it” even though “last month a transgender immigrant illegal alien was actually picked up by ICE and they had a criminal history, they had been deported from this country five or six different times and, of course, that was wall-to-wall coverage.”

In contrast, she added:

But then you now have a situation where a young woman is the victim of illegal alien crime in this country and the media won't report on it because they are too busy slamming President Donald Trump's agenda and this would hurt their narrative. This would hurt, you know, their agenda to take down any policy that he puts in place and I think that's really sad.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt then brought up a Wednesday evening post by NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck, which thoroughly exposed the media double standard when it came to not covering this story from Montgomery County, Maryland but giving their blind faith to a fake rape story from the University of Virginia.

“Do you remember the fake UVA case it turned out to be bogus? The networks spent, over a matter of two days, spent 11 minutes on that story. So that was about fraternity boys, white fraternity boys...allegedly raping someone on campus. They spent a lot of time on that. Why would they spend time on that story and not this one,” Earhardt wondered.

Hughes responded that it’s “because that fits” their agenda. She continued to pile drive the liberal media into the ground: 

Their agenda is a left-leaning, liberal agenda. If you have a story, even if it's debunked on a campus that, you know, is an anti-man, you know, college rape case that you can run on and further a liberal agenda then, obviously, that is what the liberal media is going to do. If you have a case in this instance where you have someone the victim of illegal alien crime and to report that story, well, that would lend credence to Donald Trump's immigration policies, that would lend credence to those who say we need to tighten border security. You know, and the media doesn't want to do that. They don't want to further that narrative. 


As we often do here at NewsBusters, Hughes astutely pointed to examples of what ABC and CBS gave airtime to instead of another crime allegedly committed by an illegal alien:

So you will have something like on Monday, this incident happened last Thursday, a week ago and you have on Monday, Fox News is reporting on it and ABC is spending time on things like whether or not more expensive pasta is better than cheaper pasta and CBS is talking about an electric car you can put up on stilts. Apparently, this young woman, her life, what happened to her, the fact that she was a victim of bad liberal policies that failed her, that is not worthy of covering but pasta is. I'm not sure how we have gotten to the point in this country where that's acceptable as a woman frankly that offends me. As an American it offends me.