Bozell: GOP Should Have Vetoed Moderators from NBC Networks Due to the Far-Left Tilt

September 27th, 2016 3:34 PM

Media Research Center president Brent Bozell continued his tear on Tuesday denouncing Lester Holt’s “failed” performance as Monday’s presidential debate moderator with two appearances on Fox Business Network (FBN) programming and called out the Republican National Committee (RNC) for accepting any potential moderator from NBC, MSNBC, or CNBC.

“You are supposed to vet these people. What do you expect somebody from NBC? NBC/MSNBC/CNBC have been in the tank completely for Democrats, have been savaging Republicans all season long. If I had been the RNC, I would have simply said, I’m not taking anybody from that network,” Bozell told FBN host Stuart Varney near the end of the first TV hit.

Earlier while speaking to Varney, Bozell used the example of the NBC Nightly News anchor fact-checking Trump on stop and frisk to prove that moment was “why you ask a question and get out the way” because “[y]ou’re not a participant.”

Instead, Holt inserted himself into the fold and the hall of shame among debate moderators for creating a “Candy Crowley moment.”

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Concerning his treatment of Hillary Clinton, Bozell opined:

Every single one was a softball question and he not once asked her a single question about the controversy swirling around him on Benghazi, on — on the Clinton Foundation, on the e-mails — on and on it went. To me, it was stunning up because leading up to it — and we’ve discussed this — the media were working themselves. It’s usually somebody working the ref. The media working themselves into a frenzy very publicly, saying one must attack Trump. One must give a free pass to Hillary and I've got to tell you that is exactly what they did yesterday, last year.

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Later in the day, Bozell joined Trish Regan on FBN’s The Intelligence Report and reiterated the “scorecard” of Holt questioning then challenging Trump on birtherism, Iraq, stop and frisk, and taxes while “not once” did he do the same with Clinton on Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, e-mails, or her medical records.

“Now, think about this, Trish. Benghazi, medical records, e-mails, the Clinton Foundation, all of them are a lot more important than that stupid birther issue, and yet he didn't — he didn't question her on a single thing. This was a lopsided debate performance,” stated Bozell.

As for whether or not the left successfully worked the refs (i.e. Holt), Bozell concluded that not only was he pressured “by the Clinton campaign” but also his colleagues in the industry:

We've heard relentlessly how dare Matt Lauer have asked Hillary Clinton a tough question. At the same time, we are hearing relentlessly from the likes of Jorge Ramos and The New York Times that objective — “objective” reporters needs to attack Trump. That's exactly what Lester Holt did last night.